At London Money, we’re adept in helping clients with what is sometimes known as ‘non vanilla solutions’. Or, more plainly, specialist or adverse mortgages. It can be tricky, but as specialists in this field, we thrive on finding the best deal for our clients. If you’ve been turned down by the high street banks, then fear not, we are happy to help and will come up with a solution, however long it may take. 

If you’re self-employed, a limited company director, sole trader or contractor, then check out our self-employed section for advice.  

Whether you’re in the midst of a debt management plan, have CCJs (County Court Judgements), you have or have had an IVA (Individual Voluntary arrangement) or perhaps been bankrupt at any point, then we can help. We have access to the whole of the UK market, so if you need a specialist or adverse mortgage, give us a call and we can get looking on your behalf.  

Additionally, if you’re looking for a ‘maternity leave’ mortgage, then get in touch. Lenders are not permitted to discriminate against customers because they are pregnant, but, they may well ask for more evidence from you to prove you can afford the payments. 

The same can be said for all types of specialist mortgage – low credit scores, missed payments, etc. A mortgage can be achieved, but it is likely that the more standard terms will be adjusted, as the lender needs to be sure that you can fulfil your obligations. 

With specialist mortgages, the loan to value (LTV) ratio is likely to be different to the more regular mortgage and the criteria may be different, but we will find a way.  

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