We hope you enjoy our version of how it started/ how it’s going?

Because here at London Money, we will always find a different way to engage with our clients and professional contacts and one way to do that is to show that we are no different from you. We have the scars; we have the crow’s feet, and we certainly have the bad backs and sore knees.

But we have also all been first time buyers and bought and sold houses. Many of us have created, raised and protected our families and so when we talk to you about your own situation we do so with confidence, knowledge and empathy.

So please, take a moment to look through our biographies and see how we have changed over the years and perhaps, just be thankful, you decided to not become a mortgage broker yourself!

Martin Stewart then
Martin Stewart then
Martin Stewart now
Martin Stewart now

Martin Stewart - Director

Martin is the founder and driving force behind The Money Group’s inaugural company – London Money. Now on his third decade of working in the financial services, clients and partners benefit form his wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the mortgage market. He believes that those running Financial Services businesses should always be the leader when it comes to doing the day job. And one of his current day jobs is being a Director of The Money Group. 

Being the director of the flagship brand, London Money (Directly Authorised since 2011), Martin quickly identified that this was the sector that is ripe for exponential growth and believes that unifying a previously fragmented sector, was the best way to get the broker at the forefront of the industry – where they rightfully belong

Martin has a reputation for going above and beyond what is expected. Indeed he encourages the entire London Money team to go that extra mile for their clients. He believes that mortgage advice, as well as financial planning, should be simple and smart; an approach which runs through London Money like a stick of rock.


Get to know Martin

First record ever bought? “The Red Album, Beatles. I always thought the Beatles were better than The Stones.”

First car? “Talbot Horizon, because someone had to buy one!”

Favourite film? “Jaws. My favourite film as a child.”

Who would play you in a film? “Liam Neeson.”

Ideal night out? “One that you can’t remember.”

Favourite biscuit? “All of them and in large quantities.”

Last holiday? “Can’t remember, I’m lucky to get Christmas day off.”

M: 07961 320770
E: martin@london-money.co.uk

Cathy Beaumont then
Cathy Beaumont then
Cathy Beaumont now
Cathy Beaumont now

Cathy Beaumont - Mortgage Advisor

Cathy returned to the financial services industry three years ago, having previously worked as a PA for nine years.

Now a qualified independent Mortgage and Protection Adviser, Cathy possesses a broad knowledge of both subjects. She works hard to provide a friendly, high-quality, customer-driven service and prides herself maintaining excellent client relationships to help her clients secure their corner of the world.

Cathy recently joined London Money, a fast-expanding financial services brand, to further her career and push the level of customer service to the limits.


Get to know Cathy

First record ever bought? “Come on Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners. It’s an 80s classic and I still love it.”

First car? “Datsun Cherry red called Dougal!”

Favourite film? “Dirty Dancing.”

Who would play you in a film? “Goldie Hawn.”

Ideal night out? “80s disco or karaoke. There’s a real 80s theme going on here!”

Favourite biscuit? “A hobnob, a simple, yet great biscuit.”


M: 07521 693882
E: cathy@london-money.co.uk

Matthew Williams then
Matthew Williams then
Matthew Williams now
Matthew Williams now

Matthew Williams - Consultant

Matt has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. With a passion for helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams while safeguarding their financial well-being,
With a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage market he is able to secure mortgage deals tailored to each client's unique situation and goals. Whether it's a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or someone looking to remortgage, he can help navigate them through the process with professionalism and care.
With a reputation for honesty, integrity, diligence he is a trusted advisor who clients turn to for their mortgage and protection needs.


Get to know Matt

First record ever bought? “Deeper Underground, Jamiroquai”

First car? “Ford Escort, the insurance was more than the car”

Favourite film? “The Goonies – heeeyyyy you guys!”

Who would play you in a film? “Mark Wahlberg”

Ideal night out? “champions league match, decent meal, rooftop bar with live music”

Favourite biscuit? “Bourbons”

Last holiday? “Miami”


M: 07825 29604
E: matt@london-money.co.uk


Jonathan Brauka then
Jonathan Brauka then
Jonathan Brauka now
Jonathan Brauka now

Jonathan Brauka - Independent Mortgage Adviser

Jonathan specialises in mortgage advice for first time buyers, people moving home as well as those considering a remortgage.

His career spans over 25 years, giving him a huge amount of experience, which benefits all of his clients.

In common with the entire London Money team, Jonathan is a trusted adviser to his clients, guiding them through the mortgage maze and providing truly independent advice to ensure their goals are achieved.


Get to know Jonathan

First record ever bought? “Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet. Yes, I know that dates me, my first-time buyer clients need to look it up on Google!”

First car? “A 1972 Ford Escort.”

Favourite film? “Either Monty Python & The Holy Grail or Downfall, depending on my mood.”

Who would play you in a film? “Kim Bodnia. My wife thinks he is particularly handsome!”

Ideal night out? “Scam 69 at The Hufflers Arms in Dartford.”

Favourite biscuit? “Not a biscuit fan I’m afraid, I’ll have a strawberry sherbet instead.”

Last holiday? “Ölüdeniz, Turkey.”


M: 07939 068192
E: jonathan@london-money.co.uk

Martin Foad - then
Martin Foad - then
Martin Foad - now
Martin Foad - now

Martin Foad - Independent Mortgage Adviser

Martin has over 15 years’ experience in financial services, specialising in mortgages and protection.

He has a wealth of experience in arranging mortgages for high net worth clients and those people looking for large mortgages. But he is equally at home helping first time buyers get onto the property ladder; who are often the children of his high net worth clients.

He specialises in dealing with complex situations and his ‘can do attitude’ has helped many thousands of clients over the years. His gentle manner hides a tenacity which has served his clients well over the years.


Get to know Martin

First record ever bought? “It was something by Showaddywaddy, that I would frankly rather forget!”

First car? “A Ford Fiesta.”

Favourite film? “The Deer Hunter, a timeless film I never get bored of watching.”

Who would play you in a film? “Robert De Niro, I like to think we’ve both aged well!”

Ideal night out? “My local; good beer, food and company.”

Favourite biscuit? “Custard creams.”

Last holiday? “Lanzarote.”


M: 07723 836662
E: martinfoad@london-money.co.uk


David Tasker then
David Tasker then
David Tasker now
David Tasker now

David Tasker - Independent Mortgage Adviser

David is an industry veteran and has worked in financial services for 36 years. He’s seen how the industry works and understands many of the frustrations that people face when trying to arrange their own mortgage.

His aim is to make the whole process of arranging your mortgage as easy as he possibly can. David may be the oldest member of the London Money team but that doesn’t mean he’s slow. If you’re ever under time pressure, he can be relied on to pull out all the stops to get your finance in place. David knows all about moving home, he should do though as he’s moved house exactly 20 times since he was born in 1961.


Get to know David

First record ever bought? “Without You by Nillson”

First car? “Triumph Toledo – OWC 5k in 1983”

Favourite film? “True Romance”

Ideal night out? “Paella with my wife Louisa and plenty of good white wine by the seaside”

Favourite biscuit? “Anything with chocolate”

Last holiday? “Coronavirus drenched skiing trip to Mayrhofen in Austria in late February 2020”


T: 07733 307992
E: david@london-money.co.uk

Jiten Varsani then
Jiten Varsani then
Jiten Varsani now
Jiten Varsani now

Jiten Varsani - Independent Mortgage & Protection Planner

Jiten has been in Financial Services since October 2000. Starting in a Call Centre for a Fund Supermarket, he quickly worked his way up to become a Financial Adviser for one of the larger UK Banks. Following redundancy, he has worked as an Independent Financial, Mortgage and Protection Adviser since February 2013.

By understanding the role that Financial Planning plays in the daily life of a client, Jiten strives to deliver Simple, Smart Advice in plain and clear English. His advice is tailored to the unique needs of each client, and when required will implement solutions to help ensure they can achieve their personal and financial goals. 

Amongst his many qualifications, he holds the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Certificate in Advance Mortgage Advice and has featured in the top 250 UK IFAs in The Sunday Times
Jiten brings with him experience in Mortgage Planning together with a speciality in providing bespoke Lifestyle Protection Planning.


Get to know Jiten

First record ever bought? “Mr Loverman, Shabba Ranks. I was 11 and all my friends were buying it. I didn’t want to feel left out.”

First car? “An Orange Vauxhall Frontera. It looked better than it sounds.”

Favourite film? “The Godfather.”

Who would play you in a film? “Can’t see anyone wanting to take the role.”

Ideal night out? “Dinner and drinks with plenty of banter.”

Favourite biscuit? “Anything with chocolate. I’m really not fussy.”


M: 07956 295099
E: jiten@london-money.co.uk

Ash Shah then
Ash Shah then
Ash Shah now
Ash Shah now

Ash Shah - Independent Mortgage & Protection Planner

Ash has thrived in the insurance and financial services industry since 1997. Highly skilled, super qualified and a straight talker. Enjoys providing independent and impartial advice for a whole spectrum of mortgage requirements from straight forward purchases and remortgages to more challenging circumstances.

Prides himself in building solid, long term relationships with his clients so he can continue to support them in many years to come with their property and financial journey.


Get to know Ash

First record ever bought? “Run DMC – Tougher Than Leather. I am a big fan of the Golden Era of Hip Hop”

First car? “Vauxhall Belmont”

Favourite film? “The Party (Peter Sellers). Every scene is hilarious”

Who would play you in a film? “Peter Dinklage (if you know, you know)”

Ideal night out? “Flashback Party”

Favourite biscuit? “Orange Cream”

Last holiday? “Southampton – Peppa Pig World…… my little ones dream destination, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter ride was awesome.”


M: 07956 428208
E: ash@london-money.co.uk

Peter Callomon - then
Peter Callomon - then
Peter Callomon - now
Peter Callomon - now

Peter Callomon - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Peter has almost 30 years experience in Financial Services specialising in Mortgages and Protection.

Peter is a creative, resilient, thoughtful and persistent individual which is why many of his clients have been with him throughout most of his career and why they continue to refer their friends and relatives to him.


Get to know Peter

First record ever bought? - Bridge Over Troubled Waters ( 2 and sixpence which seemed a lot of money at the time!)

First car? Peugeot 404 Estate 1973 – i think it cost the same as the album! 

Favourite film? The Imitation Game mainly for the quote “ Sometimes it’s the very people who no-one imagines anything of, who do the things that no-one can imagine”

Who would play me? Dominic Cumberbatch

Ideal night out? A nice Michelin star restaurant with my wife Vivian although don’t tell her she’s paying 

Favourite biscuit? Bahlsen Nobos

Last holiday? Corfu – a wonderful post pandemic get away in 41 degree heat .


M: 07889 693681
E: peter@london-money.co.uk

James Adkin then
James Adkin then
James Adkin now
James Adkin now

James Adkin - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

James has over 12 years experience in the mortgage and banking industries, including roles within a number of mainstream and specialist lenders: Preferred Mortgages/Lehman Bros, Platform Home Loans, GE Money, Foundation Home Loans, Zephyr Home Loans and Castle Trust Bank. He has a broad knowledge of complex lending scenarios but still manages to deliver them in a manner that is engaging and simple to understand .

James's specialisms centre around Buy to Let investment properties, HNW borrowers and specialist lending scenarios.

Keen golfer, wine appreciator, rugby fan and when time allows an 'enthusiastic' BBQer


Get to know James

First record ever bought? - Ace of Base Happy Nation

First car? Ford Fiesta

Favourite film? Road to Perdition

Ideal night out?  Good film, good food and good funk music

Favourite biscuit? Caramel filled chocolate digestive

Last holiday? New Forest

E: james@london-money.co.uk


John Stonestreet then
John Stonestreet then
John Stonestreet now
John Stonestreet now

John Stonestreet - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

John’s area of expertise is helping First Time Buyers , Home movers and anyone wishing to raise finance on a property.

Now in his fourth decade of advising, John has the most annoying ringtone in the office and we hear it many times a day as new clients continually contact him for the trusted advice is famous for.

John takes great pride in making client aspirations happen and ensuring they get the right funding solution at the best possible rate.

If John isn’t in the office you can find him at a gig, in a pub or cheering on Fulham FC down at Craven Cottage.


Get to know John

First record ever bought? - Single would be ‘Hot Love’ by T-Rex and the first Album was ‘Never A Dull Moment, by Rod Stewart

First car? A mini, it was beige so it failed the audition for The Italian Job!

Favourite film? The Long Good Friday

Who would play you in a film? I will have to go with my doppelganger Dustin Hoffman!

Ideal night out? “Nice meal, good wine , great friends . Failing that, any one where Martin is paying.

Favourite biscuit? Dark chocolate digestive.

Last holiday? It’s been so long now its getting hard to remember – but it would have been Spain somewhere


What do John’s clients say about him?

"We cannot emphasise how much help we received from John. He was always at the end of the phone and giving us soothing and practical advice over the many complex issues that arose continually throughout our purchase. Since we have moved in we have referred all our friends and family across to John and he continues to deliver to them the same high quality service that he gave us"


M: 07931 423123
E: johnstonestreet@london-money.co.uk

Gemma Stonestreet then
Gemma Stonestreet then
Gemma Stonestreet now
Gemma Stonestreet now

Gemma Stonestreet - Trainee mortgage adviser

Gemma is a trainee mortgage adviser who has followed her father into the industry to bring some much needed youth to the team! 

Whilst still in the first year of her career Gemma has already shown great initiative and a real attention to detail when dealing with complex financial situations.

Gemma is a natural and empathetic communicator, both of which are essential skills when dealing with one of the most emotional moments of anyone life - buying that dream home. 


Get to know Gemma

First record ever bought? Supertramp

Favourite film? Spotlight

Ideal night out? Out for dinner, with lots of wine flowing then onto a bar/house to carry on the party

Favourite biscuit?  M&S chocolate dipped dutch shortcake

Last holiday? Indonesia- Bali 2019


M: 07850 541903
E: gemma@london-money.co.uk

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