High Net Worth or High Value Mortgage Solutions at London Money.  

London Money is a leader in the field of speciality mortgages. High Value Mortgages or High Net Worth being one of those such instances. Given the nature of said mortgages requires a rather more personal approach as they need to be negotiated individually for the parties involved.  

As you’re no doubt aware, the mortgage market is saturated with varying products making it ever more difficult to make the right choice. We’re at the top of our game here at London Money with many years’ experience in this field and can align you with the best adviser, to the best mortgage. 

You’re in safe hands with London Money and you can be assured of the absolute best in class service. We will be at your side throughout your journey, so any questions or queries you might have, just pick up the telephone and we’ll be there. 

We have excellent and very close relationships with our pool of lenders, literally in their hundreds, from specialist private banks, challenger banks, small building societies to boutique and peer to peer lenders, with lots of differences in criteria depending on your circumstances, which also means differences in the rates offered. But one way or another, you will very soon be in your new home. 


£500,000 Plus Mortgages

We understand that a £500,000 mortgage is a rather large commitment and one which must be considered before any contracts are signed. At London Money, we work with many, many lenders who will first of all need to understand your financial situation. Such as, do you have a sizeable deposit? As a general rule, the higher the deposit you can put down, the more favourable terms you will receive. Additionally, you need to prove to the lender that you can comfortably pay your mortgage repayments so be prepared to demonstrate your monthly outgoings by way of bank statements and the like, utility bills, council taxes, etc.  

If you’re wondering how much the repayments are likely to be on a £500,000 mortgage, then speak to one of our advisers. You can use an online mortgage calculator, but please bear in mind, this will only give you an estimated figure. It won’t take into consideration the lender’s terms for example.

If you’re on a consistent wage, then you will find it easier to secure a mortgage offer. However, if you’re self-employed or some form of more complicated earning structure, then you’ll need to show proof of your earnings for a specific amount of time. The length of which will be requested by the lender, as again, these vary enormously. 

Alternatively, it might be worth considering a joint application. It would perhaps make better financial sense to share the burden with your partner or maybe a family member. All of which would give you a higher success rate in securing your mortgage. 


 £1 Million Plus Mortgages

If you’re looking for expert advice in the field of £1 Million Plus Mortgages, then welcome to London Money. We understand the market utterly and completely and whilst we are London based, we collaborate globally to source appropriate lenders who you will need to complete your mortgage. On your behalf, we will look to secure the absolute best possible terms from our network of lenders, regardless of the market.

As you’re considering a new luxury home or perhaps an investment property, then you can relax in confidence knowing that our advisers have the knowledge and skills to ensure yours is a seamless process. Everybody is busy, for one reason or another, but we will endeavour to be aware of any time constraints you may have and will look to be as flexible as possible when working with you.

Our lenders work with us on an individual basis, thus ensuring you receive the best bespoke terms possible for your new purchase. As always, this is dependent on your own financial circumstances and dictated in part on how you earn your keep as it were. If your income structure is a little more complicated, i.e. self-employed, ex-pat, business owner et al, then we will consult as appropriate with our panel of lenders on your behalf.   

Everything we do is individually negotiated on your behalf, hence the lack of mortgage calculator. We will do all the research for you!


£2 Million Plus Mortgages

As you would no doubt expect for a £2 Million Plus Mortgage, there isn’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. At London Money, we understand the idiosyncrasies of our clients and that too of our mortgage lending partners. As such, this enables us to partner you with the perfect lender’s solution to suit your individual needs. 

Generally, a client who’s looking to obtain a £2 Million mortgage often earns their income in an irregular way. Be that bonuses, share dividends and the like. Some lenders like this, some don’t, but at London Money we are fully conversant with all types of mortgage and our lending partners, which makes us ideally placed to help structure the right, tailored mortgage for you. 

It might be the case that your earning style enables you to pay off lump sums at your convenience, without being charged additional early repayment charges. We can also look at your whole portfolio, which can sometimes include bonds, stocks, shares and pension funds. 

Lots of our mortgage clients are international which means international borrowing, some are foreign nationals living in the UK but dealing with overseas guarantors. We’re used to working with clients who use overseas assets as proof of their income for UK borrowing too, so as you can see, nothing is unachievable for London Money. 

Mortgages for Professionals

As the title would suggest, professional mortgages are for those clients who are employed in a specific profession. Someone whose qualifications, somewhat yet predictable career progression and reliable income makes them a rather more attractive prospect for lenders. But not all of whom operate on the High Street. 

This is where London Money can help. With our arsenal of lenders at our beck and call, we can put our advisers to work on your mortgage requirements and obtain the best market rate possible. We have extensive connections with various lenders such as private banks, n niche lenders and private investors, all of whom have a desire to lend to borrowers in professional employment. 

Professional Mortgages are tailored to those as listed below:

Barristers, Solicitors, Accountants, Actuaries, Architects, Surveyors, Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Pharmacists, Teachers, Police Officers, Civil Servants and Military Officers.

At London Money, we understand fully the way in which professionals earn their income. Partners and Directors don’t always have a straight forward PAYE structured income. But not to worry, we are here to look after you throughout the complete process. 


Celebrity Mortgages

If you’re a celebrity, sports personality, sports person or leader, then you’ve come to the right place for help with your Celebrity mortgage. Discretion is our middle name here at London Money, so you can rest assured that anything we discuss with you, will be kept under lock and key. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will be vigilant on your behalf. 

When discussing your finances, whatever works for you works for us. We can meet with you at short notice, at a time and place which suits you. Our panel of lenders operate in the same manner, which means lending decisions can be made quite quickly which is great news when looking to buy a new property.

At London Money, we realise that as a large salaried borrower, your salary is more than likely made up of varying income streams which can make this quite complex to work through. However, as we already work with many professionals in the entertainment and sports industries, we’re more than qualified and understand that your income will quite possibly be unique and varied.   

As per some of the other large mortgages we deal with, we have many links to many different kinds of lender, private banks, investors, all who have an appetite for such a mortgage. 

Large Buy to Let Mortgages

So, what is a Buy to let Mortgage? It is simply a mortgage utilised by someone who would like to buy a property to rent out to a third party. It can be used to purchase said property, or simply to re-mortgage it. This is an area we at London Money are extremely experienced in. 

In recent years, it’s fair to say that the Buy to Let mortgage market has undergone and is still undergoing, lots of change making it a rather volatile market. There have been regulatory changes, Stamp Duty changes and the introduction of tax rules for Buy to Let investors. All adding to the complexity of Buy to let mortgages. However, despite all the doom and gloom, investing in such a property or indeed, a portfolio of properties can still prove fruitful and an excellent long term investment. 

Some of our favourite hints and tips you should consider when looking to invest would primarily be to make sure you research the area you are looking to purchase in – both for the now and for the future so that you’re aware of the level of rental income you will likely earn. Lenders will look at things like types of tenant, type of property, etc. But at London Money, we are fully equipped to help you through the complete process ensuring you get the best mortgage you can at the best rates possible. 

Plus, be aware that the deposit required for your purchase is often higher than usually required for a residential mortgage. This is down to the stricter affordability criteria. If this is an additional Buy to let property you’re seeking a mortgage for, it might be a possibility that you could release equity from another property. 


Large Bridging Loans

If you find yourself in such a predicament that you need to apply for a bridging loan or a short term mortgage as it’s also known, then you’ve come to the right place. At London Money, we can help with arranging your loan of £50,000 and upwards. Make no mistake, a bridging loan can be complex, time-sensitive and potentially expensive, but our advisers are experienced in such loans and will be able to source the best lender from our panel of lenders, which suits your criteria. 

A bridging loan is useful for a number of purposes and can plug the gap between a debt becoming due and your funds becoming available. It ranges from allowing a client to buy a new home before selling a current property, to refurbish and develop a property or to fix complex and time sensitive funding requirements. 

Here at London Money, we can arrange bridging finance on your behalf, be that in the UK or internationally. The best uses of a Bridging loan are such as if you wish to buy a property at auction, you haven’t sold your current property but want to go ahead and buy another one, you’re struggling to secure a loan due to disrepair or maybe your mortgage lender is taking too long to process your application and you need more immediate access to your cash. 

Should you find yourself in the predicament of needing a bridging loan, then you’ll be pleased to know that such loans are rather more flexible than those applied to a standard mortgage. Set the ball rolling with London Money by your side. 


Private Bank Mortgages

Private Bank Mortgages are perfect for those amongst us who are high net worth borrowers as privately owned businesses will assess every finance application on an individual basis. Private banks will look and lend accordingly and put together a bespoke product. 

At London Money, we deal with these kinds of mortgage on a regular basis and find them to be the best option for some clients, in part, due to the private bank being more open to taking a view on factors such as your deposit, your income – even if this doesn’t come from a single source, etc. Unlike mainstream lenders, they have the flexibility and advanced underwriting experience in their teams to look at applications with a human eye, rather than a rigid high street lender tick box style of approach.

They take into account that sometimes, people’s financial affairs are not always the most straight forward, so are more inclined to look at the bigger picture, which is what is sometimes required to find the best solution for all parties concerned. 

Also, which is good to know, private mortgage lenders are likely to lend more readily on higher risk properties, such as listed buildings, a thatched cottage or perhaps a converted building. 

If you are a client with a more complicated income arrangement, for instance bonuses, profit share or dividends then it’s highly likely that a private bank will potentially help in securing your mortgage. Especially given it’s possible that you will struggle to meet the rigid criteria set out by the High Street banks. 


How can London Money help with my High Net Worth or High Value Mortgage?

As mentioned above, we have a large pool of lenders who we work with, so no matter what type of mortgage you are looking to secure, we can source a lender who will fit the bill. 

We only work with the best in market and thanks to our years of experience and collaboration with the lenders, makes us the experts in negotiating all kinds of complex mortgage. 

We will guide you through the whole process, confidentially of course, resulting in the absolute best product, best service and best outcome you could possibly wish for. 

Drop us a line and find out how we can help. We’re only a phone call away. 

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