Scott Thorpe

Scott Thorpe, Director London Money Loans

Director of London Money Loans

Scott is a Director and the brains behind our sister company, London Money Loans, which is an independent broker of secured loans and second charges.

Scott uses his extensive knowledge to help London Money clients who wish to borrow further funds, but can’t do via a remortgage or further advance from their existing lender.

Get to know Scott

First record ever bought? “Oasis, Definitely Maybe; you can probably tell I’m a touch younger than my London Money colleagues!”

First car? “Fiat Punto.”

Favourite film? “Gladiator.”

Who would play you in a film? “Simon Cowell if he was an actor, or the chap who played Martin Fowler on Eastenders in my younger days

Ideal night out? “Football, a few laughs and then a Chinese.”

Favourite biscuit? “Hobnobs, with or without chocolate, I don’t mind.”

Last holiday? “Skegvegas that’s how we keep it real!”