Nick Earl

Financial Planner

Nick has been advising his clients as a Financial Planner for over 15 years.

We are delighted to welcome Nick as our in-house, adviser, to provide our clients with a wider range of financial advice including investment and retirement planning

Nick’s experience and knowledge is wide, and he can give both individual and corporate financial advice to London Money clients.

Get to know Nick

First record ever bought? “The Stone Roses first album, I still listen to it now, some great tracks on there.”

First car? “A Ford Fiesta.”

Favourite film? “St Elmo’s Fire.”

Who would play you in a film? “Richard Harris, if only he were still with us.”

Ideal night out? “Live music in a club, you can’t beat it.”

Favourite biscuit? “Oreos.”

Last holiday? “Ibiza.”


Office: 0207 808 4120
Mobile: 07123 456 789