Nothing sticks like bad headlines and when it comes to financial services, there have been plenty. Since the financial crisis, consumers have lost faith in many previously trusted finance providers and it’s easy to see why. Bad advice and a decided lack of customer support during the financial crisis left a lot of financial customers feeling let down by banks and advisers alike.

Yet when it comes to financial advice, it doesn’t have to be that way. Managing Director Martin Stewart founded London Money as he believes that there’s no reason financial planning shouldn’t be smart and simple. He believes that smart, simple advice is in the best interests of everyone, and gets the best results.

Jenny Knighting used London Money to secure the mortgage on her house in Carshalton. “I had met Martin and trusted him to give me good advice. Using London Money made the process so much easier; I’m so busy with my job that I needed somebody to just sort out the best mortgage for me and keep me up to date with the process, which is exactly what Martin did.”

According to Jenny, the thing that set London Money apart from other advisers was the team’s willingness to go the extra mile. “ London Money have saved me £6,000 in the last year alone on mortgage payments. I later recommended them to a friend who was equally happy with the service and was surprised at just how easy they made moving house.”

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