Sometimes it pays to just stand back and see where we are. So far, this Spring has been the busiest we have experienced since 2008. It feels as though Middle England has woken up from its 5 year Euro-Zone induced stupor and decided to get on with their lives. Which is EXACTLY what we all need to be doing.

There will be no growth without confidence and so far as we can see people are sounding more confident than ever before. So what has caused this change? Maybe after 5 years, we are all just immune to the bad news and have just accepted that we can not manage the macro economic problems and we should just focus on things that we can influence – our day to day lives.

What could this mean? Well, we are not economists (thank goodness) nor accountants (even better) but what we do see is that there is, despite the recession, an awful lot of money still out there. Money exists to find a yield or a return and that is now what it feels like it is trying to do.

The housing market is very active and stock markets around the world have risen strongly over recent months both driven on by an increase in risk appetite, low interest rates on cash and a perceived rise in the confidence already mentioned.

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