First impressions are of the utmost importance when it comes to selling your home and attracting potential buyers. 

Indeed, by enhancing the so-called “kerb appeal” of your property, prospective buyers may be more likely to imagine themselves living there and could be more likely to view the home. House Beautiful even states that 93% of Brits are more likely to attend a viewing if the house’s exterior is well-maintained. 

Additionally, kerb appeal can add value to your home, as the above source reveals that nearly a third of Brits would be willing to pay 25% more for a house with a fresh lick of paint on the front door, a well-kept garden, and clean windows.

Continue reading to discover 10 intriguing ways to improve your home’s kerb appeal and potentially increase its value.

1. Give your front door a fresh lick of paint

Your front door is essentially the focal point of the exterior of your home, and it can set the entire tone for a property viewing. As such, giving it a fresh lick of paint may be wise.

Surprisingly, some colours are better than others, depending on the location and style of your property.

Indeed, House Beautiful recommends considering the type of people that are likely to buy your home. If it’s in a young neighbourhood, bolder colours, such as yellows, could be the ideal colour for your door. 

Similarly, if you live in a countryside setting, you may find that softer greens may better suit the surroundings. Or, if you live in a modern property, a dark grey blue may be a better choice. 

Ultimately, the colour you paint your door depends on your personal preference, but it may be worth avoiding cream or lighter colours, as they can get dirty quicker and develop a yellowish tint in the sun. 

2. If you have a front garden, bring it to life with new plants

A well-maintained garden can breathe new life into your property’s exterior and show your love for your home. So, you may want to bring it to life with new plants before any viewings. In fact, Ideal Home states that a well-kept garden can boost a property’s value by up to £58,000.

As for the type of plant, the above source reveals that some of the best to introduce to your front garden include: 

  • Wisteria, which can reportedly add up to 5% of value to your home
  • Hydrangeas, which live up to 50 years and are relatively low maintenance
  • Evergreen shrubs, which add structure to your garden while bringing it to life. 

It may be wise to place potted flowers along your doorstep for a charming touch to the focal point of your home, or consider hanging some baskets since they’re easy to maintain.

3. Consider installing exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn’t just add to the aesthetics of your property, but can also make it seem safer and more welcoming. For instance, you could add a set of matching wall lights by the side of your door for a stylish entrance. 

Similarly, you could place solar-powered lights around your garden, as these can be a cost-effective and effortless way to brighten up the exterior of your property since you don’t need to wire them up. 

Or, motion-sensitive lights could help build a first impression since they automatically turn on when visitors approach. Exterior lighting is especially important if you’re selling your property during the winter since it gets darker earlier. 

4. Freshen up the exterior walls

Your exterior walls can also make a difference with prospective buyers, so they deserve some attention too. 

If the exterior of your home is brickwork, it may be worth considering power washing it to remove any dirt and use this as an opportunity to make any repairs to the pointing at this stage.

Alternatively, consider textured brick coating to hide any imperfections in the brickwork and change the colour of the walls, potentially contributing to a positive first impression with prospective buyers.

5. Consider a futuristic doorbell

New video doorbells have taken off in popularity in recent years. Investing in a smart doorbell not only leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers, but could also improve the functional security of your home. 

Also, House Beautiful states that buyers may be willing to pay around £180 more for a property with a smart doorbell. 

Better yet, potential buyers could even be attracted by the prospect of lower insurance costs, as smart doorbells can sometimes reduce any costs due to the increased security they typically cause.

6. Ensure the windows are clean

Giving your windows a good clean before any viewings is another straightforward way to improve your home's kerb appeal. You could either do this yourself or employ the help of your local window cleaner. 

HomeOwners Alliance reveals that 71% of homeowners claim that well-preserved windows are the most important factor in improving kerb appeal. 

Spotless windows don’t just give your home a cleaner look, but they can also let more light into the interior, creating brighter spaces that build a positive first impression on viewers.

This may be the perfect time to wash the frames of your windows, too, and you may even consider giving them a fresh coat of paint to go the extra mile. 

7. Give the driveway a clean

A driveway can add considerable value to your home – around 2% to 10%, according to the estate agent, John Minnis – so it may be prudent to ensure it’s as clean as possible.

You should use a power washer to blast the driveway and remove any dirt, moss, or anything else that shouldn’t be there. It’s incredible how much of a difference this can make, even if you don’t initially think your driveway is that dirty.

It may be worth using this time to remove any weeds, too, as this adds to the impression that your home is cared for.

Similarly, you could use this as a chance to clean any pathways on your property with the power washer and remove any broken slabs that could be a tripping hazard or are simply unsightly. 

8. Refresh any wooden fences and gates

If you have any fences or gates at the front of your property, now may be the time to freshen them up to further improve your home’s kerb appeal. 

First, you may want to give them a power wash to remove any dirt or moss that could damage the wood, then give them a fresh coat of paint. Much like your front door, it may be worth picking a colour that matches the style of your home and its location. 

Also, if you have damaged sections of your fence, you may want to replace any broken boards now, as buyers may be put off by the idea of needing to make repairs themselves. 

9. Hide away your bins

Even though almost every home has exterior bins, they can be unsightly, so it may be worth hiding these away. 

This doesn’t mean you need to hide them away completely; rather find a neat location you can store them without drawing too much attention. You could even install a specific fenced bin area to store them, or a special shed, so they’re completely out of sight while still accessible. 

Also, if your bins are in bad shape, it may be worth contacting your local council and asking for replacements. 

10. Ensure the roof is in good condition

Even though buyers may not check the condition of your roof and guttering, it may still be worth ensuring that everything is in good condition, as experienced buyers may check these issues when they first approach your home. Ideally, you should check your roof and the gutters to ensure nothing is broken or clogged. 

If you have excess leaves in your gutters, it may be wise to clean these out to ensure they don’t overflow. Similarly, you should check for any broken slates and consider replacing these. 

HomeHow states that it can cost anywhere between £170 and £500 to replace slipped or broken tiles, depending on the type.

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