We help our clients achieve all their financial goals here at London Money and that includes retirement.

Whether you are many years away from finishing work, starting to think about retirement or have already started to take money from your pension, we believe advice is vital.

We are here to help you retire on your terms, at a time what suits you.

Before you retire

Pensions are a minefield, not helped by the fact that most people glaze over at the mere mention of the word.

However, most of us want to retire at some point in the future. This makes planning for that day crucially important, if you are to achieve your retirement objectives. And you don’t want to rely on the State Pension, which may not give you enough income in retirement.

As financial advisers our job is to understand you and your aspirations. Everyone has a different view of what retirement means to them, in fact, some never want to fully stop working.

Once we understand you and have reviewed your existing arrangements, we will recommend a plan to achieve your goals. Sure, it will probably involve using a pension along the way; they have huge benefits and if you are employed your employer will contribute too.

But, don’t let that little word put you off, the plan is far more important, which is what our knowledge and experience allows us to bring to the table.

No fuss, no hassle, just Simple, Smart Advice.

When you retire

If you have reached an age when you believe now might be the time to give up work, or even slow down a bit, you will face a bewildering set of choices.

The introduction of Pension Freedom has made things even more complex, although for those who understand the new rules, they can certainly be used to their advantage.

Most people who are close to retirement want three key questions answered:

  • Can I afford to retire yet?
  • Will that income last until I die?
  • What’s the best way of turning my pension into an income?

Put simply, our job is to answer these questions for you, whilst putting in plan a place to achieve your retirement goals.

We will start by understanding what’s important to you. After all, it’s different for everyone. You might want more holidays, time with the grandchildren or the flexibility to work when you want, possibly on a part-time basis.

We’ll then analyse your existing pensions and investments and then make our recommendations to meet your objectives.

Talk to us in the years leading up to retirement too. There are steps you should take before you retire, which will be financially beneficial when you actually stop working.

Furthermore, with the benefit our in-depth expertise and knowledge, you never know, retirement may be closer than you think.

No fuss, no hassle, just Simple, Smart Advice.

After you retire

If you have finished work you will already have taken some key decisions about your financial future.

When did you last review them?

They key to a financially secure retirement is to keep your finances under regular review. Your life, goals and financial circumstances will no doubt have changed since you retired.

Furthermore, changes outside of your control, for example Brexit and the introduction of Pension Freedom, will affect your options, your existing pensions and investments, and your financial future.

We’re on your side and want our clients to have a financially secure retirement.

We will take time to understand you and your goals, review your existing arrangements and make sure you are on the right track. Most importantly our advice will make sure that the money won’t run out before you die.

No fuss, no hassle, just Simple, Smart Advice.

The value of the money you invest can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.