Top 5 Ways to Save

One of my grandmother’s favourite anecdotes is the story of a particular spend thrifty couple. When this couple want to save up some money, they eat nothing but egg and chips until they’ve saved what they need. On the back Read the rest

Should I still invest in buy to let?

The answer is simple. Yes. No. Maybe..? In truth, the answer depends on the individual. There’s never ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to finance; what might be right for one of our clients could be totally unsuitable … Read the rest

Easter Market Update

Sometimes it pays to just stand back and see where we are. So far, this Spring has been the busiest we have experienced since 2008. It feels as though Middle England has woken up from its 5 year Euro-Zone induced … Read the rest

Budget 2013: Help to Buy Scheme

The Chancellor announced a £5.4 billion package of financial support to tackle long-term problems in the housing market at Budget, including the launch of Help to Buy – which offers two schemes aimed at helping those who want to get … Read the rest