Brexit & Bedtimes

Brexit & Bedtimes

Most of us went to bed Thursday night reasonably confident that the country had voted to stay in the European Union. I got so far as 11.30pm but even I need my beauty sleep.

The reality, a … Read the rest

7 Reasons to hire a surveyor

7 reasons to hire a surveyor guest blog from Right Surveyors

As surveyors, it seems obvious to us that using a surveyor when you buy a home is incredibly important, but thousands still go through the conveyancing process every year … Read the rest

London Money News

London Money Group have announced they are about to launch into the second charge mortgage market under the brand London Money Loans.

Its founders Martin Stewart, Scott Thorpe and Dan Barker say they aim to access what they perceive to

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The Story of a Wannabe Landlord

The Story of a Wannabe Landlord

The blog is back and from now on in subject’s tackled are all suggestions by the readers. Therefore thanks to Dan & Helen on Facebook for inspiring the subject matter in this one. Before … Read the rest

Ready for some financial spring cleaning?

Ready for some financial Spring cleaning?

Addressing your personal finances is precisely the sort of methodical, slightly dull but immensely satisfying activity that Spring – and all its promise of a bright new start – is perfect for. Yet unlike … Read the rest