Two bits of good news for savers

Two bits of good news for savers

Savers have had a tough time over recent years.

Interest rates have been in the doldrums for nearly a decade, whilst inflation has, at times, eaten away at the value of a saver’s capital.

It’s nice therefore, to be able … Read the rest

Sarah’s Self Limiting Beliefs

Chris Budd

My addiction started when I was a teenager. It started with the 7 inch single Rat Trap by The Boomtown Rats, followed by Please Please Me by The Beatles.

My love of buying records began early.

The trouble with addictions … Read the rest

Oops we forget to tell you something

Oops we forget to tell you something

We are known as mortgage specialists and our clients tell us we very good at what we do.

Since we launched we’ve focused heavily on mortgages, working hard to meet deadlines and holding our client’s hands until the mortgage has … Read the rest

Aristotle CEMAP, Mortgage Broker

Just imagine if he was.

There’s no doubt he would be have been a very ethical broker and I daresay his PI insurance costs would have been negligible.

However, the downside to engaging Aristotle’s services would have been the nine-hour … Read the rest

Brexit & Bedtimes

Brexit & Bedtimes

Most of us went to bed Thursday night reasonably confident that the country had voted to stay in the European Union. I got so far as 11.30pm but even I need my beauty sleep.

The reality, a … Read the rest