What next?

By now you’ll hopefully be clued up on mortgages, insurance, Government schemes and the differences between freehold and leasehold. Either that or your head will be swimming and you’ll need to lie down for a bit!

Once you’ve digested this guide, the house hunting can begin, providing you’ve got your mortgage agreed in principle, of course.

If you haven’t, our number is 0207 808 4120 or email us at enquire@london-money.co.uk

You should be full of knowledge, and hopefully full of optimism about the prospect of owning your own home.

The different sizes, shapes and types of house available are a conversation for another day and another guide. Whatever you choose to call your home, whether that be a two-bed semi-detached, a bungalow, or even a windmill.

The key points raised in this guide should keep you on the straight and narrow, but remember that if you need assistance at any point on your journey, we are here to help.